Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shop Updates

Yesterday I sat down and wrote out all the new things I want to make or need to do or add to my shop. I'll be shutting it down Sept. 30th - Oct. 5th so I can have some time with no orders to work on lots of cute new crochet holiday/seasonal items and stock up and current items like scarves. My husband and I plan to make a day of it and go to every fabric store within 100 miles and buy up all the comic print fabric I can find. I want to make sure everyone who wants to order a scarf for Christmas can get one. I also plan to have as many things as I can get done so they are ready to ship. I will also be adding more shipping options, like priority mail and gift wrap options.

I'm in love with these holiday beanies I've been working on the last 2 days. I also made a few ear warmers that I don't have a great photo of. So stick with me, the shop will be back up and better than ever!

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