Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Jello Shot Eyes

NOTE: You probably found your way here from pinterest. Want the recipe? Check out the newer blog post  HERE !!

Last year my brother and sister-in-law had a Monster Mash themed Halloween party. They go all out for Halloween and it is so much fun! We covered their living room in dark plastic table clothes from the dollar store so it looked like a cave. Hung spider webs and bats and used glow in the dark paint. She also made some awesome felt monsters to sit on the couch.
It was amazing! So of course we had to make fun jello shots and I found the recipe for these through a link on pinterest here
I ordered the ice cube trays on Amazon for pretty cheap. These were pretty easy to make. We painted on the details with gel food coloring I already had at home. Gel food coloring can be found in the cake decorating section of most craft stores. These jello shots taste like coconut and we used Malibu rum. They were pretty tasty and creepy when they pop in your mouth. These are great if you want a fun and completely gross Halloween treat for your 21 and over party.


Jen Brostrom said...

These are great... quick silly question. how long did the gel food coloring take to dry? Wondering if I should wait to paint the eyes on until right before the party or if it will take a while to dry.

Jen said...

They didn't take long to dry. Some of them stayed a bit sticky maybe because I used too much gel coloring. So as long as you just paint a thin layer on you should be fine.

Randy Steinberg said...

Yeah, keep the kids away if you’ll be serving those at a Halloween party. I checked the link and sadly, I doubt if I could nail it. I see that you painted it instead of using cherries and licorice for the pupils. Your method seems easier, so I guess I’ll try it. Randy @

Jen said...

Definitely not for the kids! These were for an adult only party. The great part is they don't have to be perfect. If the pupils aren't perfect just say they're zombie eyes :)

Bonnie OHalloran said...

Do you have the recipe that you used?