Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Jello Shot Eyes

NOTE: You probably found your way here from pinterest. Want the recipe? Check out the newer blog post  HERE !!

Last year my brother and sister-in-law had a Monster Mash themed Halloween party. They go all out for Halloween and it is so much fun! We covered their living room in dark plastic table clothes from the dollar store so it looked like a cave. Hung spider webs and bats and used glow in the dark paint. She also made some awesome felt monsters to sit on the couch.
It was amazing! So of course we had to make fun jello shots and I found the recipe for these through a link on pinterest here
I ordered the ice cube trays on Amazon for pretty cheap. These were pretty easy to make. We painted on the details with gel food coloring I already had at home. Gel food coloring can be found in the cake decorating section of most craft stores. These jello shots taste like coconut and we used Malibu rum. They were pretty tasty and creepy when they pop in your mouth. These are great if you want a fun and completely gross Halloween treat for your 21 and over party.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shop Updates

Yesterday I sat down and wrote out all the new things I want to make or need to do or add to my shop. I'll be shutting it down Sept. 30th - Oct. 5th so I can have some time with no orders to work on lots of cute new crochet holiday/seasonal items and stock up and current items like scarves. My husband and I plan to make a day of it and go to every fabric store within 100 miles and buy up all the comic print fabric I can find. I want to make sure everyone who wants to order a scarf for Christmas can get one. I also plan to have as many things as I can get done so they are ready to ship. I will also be adding more shipping options, like priority mail and gift wrap options.

I'm in love with these holiday beanies I've been working on the last 2 days. I also made a few ear warmers that I don't have a great photo of. So stick with me, the shop will be back up and better than ever!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Monday

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. I'm working on orders and thought I'd take a minute to post about some really fun custom orders I've had this month.

A comic print leash and dog collar (not pictured) and this awesome suspenders. I'm in love with the suspenders. I need my own little guy to make some for. What do you think? 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Terrible Blogger

I was so excited to start this blog. I bought my lovely layout on etsy and said when I quit my job I was going to have so much more time to post and it would be great. I quit that job in May, it is now September. I have four posts. Five, if you include this one.

So I'm going to try harder. I've been sitting on my bed in my bathrobe for hours watching netflix and making notes about things to post or things I like about the blogs I read. I hope to do a better job starting this week! Fingers crossed ha.